Word Rant Wednesday: Natural

This weeks word rant spotted in the media and elsewhere includes linguistic associated with perfume brands that DO NOT use whole, plant material in their formulations even though the descriptives make it sound like they do. It makes my job oh soooo very difficult, you have no idea. The other big reveal, which I complain… Continue reading Word Rant Wednesday: Natural

Chiaroscuro Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who graciously shared their input on selecting the best ad image to represent the new Chairoscuro natural perfume! After assembling all the names of those who entered we put the list into the Randomizer gods selected Deborah and Babette as the lucky recipients of the perfume sampler and print. Greg and… Continue reading Chiaroscuro Giveaway Winners

Chiaroscuro Ad and Giveaway

Greg, the illuminator of my fragrances, has created a promotional image for Chiaroscuro. Instead of just one, he has been quite abundant and produced five variations. We would love some feedback as to which one you feel represents this light/dark natural perfume the best. Thus, to tempt you to participate, Greg is offering a signed… Continue reading Chiaroscuro Ad and Giveaway


MinxShop Natural Perfume Locket #10 The advertising team here in the wooded hills consists of myself with added input from husband #1 Ben, current husband Maestro Gregorio and daughter Eve. Occasionally friends will be added into the synergy as well. Since Greg has contributed imagery for corporations and people like Lorree Rodkin, Ben does film… Continue reading Persuasion


Ben came by Sunday afternoon and made delicious African Peanut Soup with Eve for dinner. While we were enjoying the spicy, creamy liquid food Ben mentioned a hologram of Kate Moss created for Alexander McQueens at the Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week. Curious, I looked it up… [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OawD-t3s0PQ&hl=en_US&fs=1&&w=404&h=436] GASP! I just love that part… Continue reading Spellbound

A Spade

There is a continued trend to harness Mother Nature and at the same time paint products to appear as if they are made from nature when they are actually created in labs. The rise of corporate power and the promotion of conjured facts in relation to nature are also on the rise. Let’s first look… Continue reading A Spade

Pure Fume

A friend and I were discussing the Universe of Perfume yesterday with it’s various cast of characters from the kings, queens, knights, warriors, princes, wizards and elephants. Elephants? Yes, elephants. Elephants are often referenced when something is obvious, but, no one talks about it because it is not appropriate or politically correct. There are quite… Continue reading Pure Fume

Red and Green

The standard color wheel depicts from six to twelve, sometimes more, colors arranged in a circle. The three primary colors being red, yellow and blue. The secondary orange, green and violet. If you look at a color wheel you will notice that red and green are usually opposite one another. In the year 2006 Emporio… Continue reading Red and Green

Base note

We don’t have TV hookup here at the house. We prefer watching films, and in the case of LOST, we download it off iTunes. My daughters father, Ben, works in the advertising world. When he comes by to see Eve, he shares, via the internet, some of the cooler commercials. This is one of them:… Continue reading Base note