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The second Whole Child, Whole Planet Expo took place this past weekend under a radiant Sun. The word “whole” being the epicenter of this two day event, focusing on all things wholistic, from the inside out.

Master Gregorio created the image for the striking banner at our booth. The iconic orchid bee, which serves as our logo, was magnetic attracting people to the booth due to it’s color and rich texture.
Our seven perfumes were displayed on an antique serving tray. Vespertina won the prize for the most accolades with all our other six fragrances vying for second place, each having its own entourage.

At 2pm at the Whole Foods Celebrity Kitchen Stage I was interviewed by the lovely Rachel Avalon. Rachel served as a Mistress of Ceremony during the two days, skillfully interviewing movers and shakers within the Green movement. Rachel is a graceful presenter melding intuition with intelligence. She has an uncanny ability to process answers to the questions shes asked and take the conversation to a deeper level.

Although the weekend was extremely warm, a steady flow of fans and attendees visited the booth to sample our botanical perfumes. The event proved a bit challenging for our display as the ambient temperatures reached 100 degrees in the shade. Thank the Goddess for ice packs!

Attendees and exhibitors included a number of educators and individuals involved with Anthroposophy and Waldorf education. I had the privilege of visiting with many luminaries and friends which I have not seen in years.

“I awoke this morning
with devout thanksgiving for my friends,
the old and the new.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am filled with gratitude for the fans who trekked out to see us in the blazing Sun, the new friends we have made and all those facilitating a deeper awareness of ourselves and the planet.

Greg Spalenka
Whole Child, Whole Planet
Highland Hall Waldorf School
Rachel Avalon
Waldorf Education
Roxana Illuminated Perfume™


  1. Congratulations to an obviously wonderful event, and congratulation to your banner which looks just wonderful. No wonder folks came to your boot like bees to honey…

  2. thank you andy! always nice to hear from you. yes indeed it was a grand event…too bad for the intensity of fire element that weekend. these surreal weather patterns are hard to get use to.

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