Photographing Peace

Here are the first batch of photos of the perfume inspired by Project Peace on Earth.
We chose a burgundy tone for her color resonance.

The liquid perfume is contained in a French glass flacon
filled with 7 grams of pure extract of this heavenly elixir.
The secure Penny shaped top is also an applicator.
The botanical perfume is created using organic essences derived from essential oils,
absolutes and C02 extractions in a base of beverage grade organic grain and grape alcohol.

The 7 gram liquid perfume extract with her burgundy pouch.
The ends of the pouch mimics the lotus flower in the illustrated image by Greg Spalenka.
We chose the copper peace sign for the charm.

The solid natural perfume comes in an antique finish metal compact contained in a burgundy hand crocheted pouch with the cooper peace charm. I pour our solid perfumes into a separate container with the metal compact to ensure lasting performance so that the vintage gets better with age and does not adversely react with the metal.

The solid natural perfume mini sample

I’m missing the photos of the 1 gram vials, I will add those shortly.


  1. It does look fabulous in the pics of the glass flacon: the colour is saturated and gives a feeling of luxury, of richness and depth. Burgundy is a great choice for the illustrations too. Hope you're swell!

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