Movie Monday: When Life Imitates Art

Do you ever get the feeling we are living a Sci-Fi film? Besides pondering such concepts as: am I living amidst a bunch of muggles or zombies, topics from alchemy creep into my mind, like am I really co-creating this reality and if so why? Is it to experience the shadow and fear on a … Continue reading Movie Monday: When Life Imitates Art

The fabric of everything is beauty

This lockdown period, although excruciatingly painful, has been very beneficial in providing us with time to contemplate, even though some of us, like many of our awesome health care and other essential service providers continue to work. While contemplating the oh so very wise words of the young, visionary medic Dr. Zach Bush I came… Continue reading The fabric of everything is beauty

Full Flower Moon Enfleurage

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.” ~ Seals & Crofts The advent of the full flower moon early this morning in Taurus-Scorpio seems like an auspicious time to delve deep into some sensual flower magic, thus I have written this new post about an ancient process called Enfleurage.… Continue reading Full Flower Moon Enfleurage


Elemental earth is rooted in the mineral kingdom. Our tactile sensory experience acts as antenna to the moment, the here & now. When we are cocooned by the embrace of the earth, we are in a similar process to that of a caterpillar, re-imaging a transition into a new life. Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about it… Continue reading Cocooning

Dulcet, a lusty tuberose perfume

Considered a masculine flower, evident by the elongated shape of the unopened single blossom, Tuberose is an exotic, velvety floral note, a diva of natural perfume. Tuberose originates from central America where the wild species was domesticated by the indigenous people of Mexico. Eventually, like so many plants from the Americas, they were taken to… Continue reading Dulcet, a lusty tuberose perfume

Re-birthing a New Vision

Intending our collective human mind today may ingest, incubate and hatch the symbolism of the “egg” as an archetype for libration. The origins of the word Easter are found in the ancient Saxon Lunar Goddess known as Eostre and Norse Goddess Ostara. In both these traditions, as well as those of the Greeks and Egyptians… Continue reading Re-birthing a New Vision

A Perfumes Bestiary: H for Human, Part 2

H for Human is the eighth fragrance in our compendium of scents for A Perfumed Bestiary, documenting the combined scent of extinction. The main theme for Human was the concept of greed and the note of musk. The initial attributes I had assigned to Human were pretty dark, full of shadow. Then I recalled how… Continue reading A Perfumes Bestiary: H for Human, Part 2

Question Reality

The outer world is intense, no doubt. For those of us who are sensitives, the energy feels like a thick, chaotic soup, but when I migrate inward the landscape is completely different, its fertile, like Spring but quiet and nourishing. Questioning reality and the information we humans consume requires much diligence, cognitive bias and critical thinking. “The… Continue reading Question Reality