Page 47

“You are an alchemist, make gold of that!”
~ Shakespeare

A new series of fragrances has been birthed. As you may recall, last year in August I had a few hours to myself and decided to create a bespoke solid perfume. I gathered my favorite essences and quickly formulated a scent. Eventually I released the perfume which has now grown to be my most popular fragrance, Cimbalom.

This year, I took the pilgrimage to the land of Olfactory delights to produce another imaginative sensual Odyssey to christen my new birth year.

I began by sniffing several vials of perfumes and accords I had created over the years . One perfume in particular struck my fancy. I found the original formula noted in a journal and began building the new fragrance. The formula includes three heavenly accords, Jasmine, Frangipani (Plumeria blossoms), Ylang Ylang, an old Vintage of Mysore Sandalwood and a few varieties of Orange for the top notes. There are at least 16 botanical ingredients in this perfume, I need to count each essence in each accord to reveal the exact total.

Since I am a lover of creamy unguents, this was formulated as a solid perfume. One solid compact was made with thirteen samples to share. I have begun selling and dispersing the thirteen solids and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

At an event at our home I shared the perfume and asked the friends and family gathered what they thought would be a good name. The perfume went around the room with everyone enjoying the fragrance and pondering a name. Finally someone said “How about Chapter 47?” This answered triggered my daughter to yell out, “No, it should be Page 47!!!”

Page 47 works for a variety of reasons, those in the know will be able to figure out the primary one. However, there is another aspect to it which is why my daughter felt “Page 47” was ideal. For now I will leave that as a mystery for you to uncover. I love mysteries don’t you?

The subsequent edition will change slightly as I enhance the formula. I already have some ideas of my own, but, await your insights to add to the pot.

The colors associated with Page 47 are an old, dusty white and burnished gold. Page 47 is a sweet, fresh floral perfume with notes of incense. Of all our fragrances it shares a similar aromatic experience as Lyra, but, a bit more fresh with Lyra being more warm.

Once the formula is set I will have the fragrance available in both the natural solid and liquid botanical perfume format. Until then, I await your feedback!

All photos by Roxana Villa


  1. Happy Birthday Roxana [belated… 😀 ]~ I would LOVE to sample your new birthday balm. Page 47 sounds divine [and it just so happens that Lyra is probably my favourite of your beautiful perfumes – so anything similar is sure to be a hit with me!]Warm regardsHollyhollyjae @ gmail [dot] com

  2. Roxana, I am so excited by the prospect of new fragrant creations from you! I wish you the best with both the new scents and the established ones.This Page 47 is intriguing…I love that you share the story of your process, as well as the notes. It sounds beautiful to me; would be thrilled if I am selected to receive one of your samples.It is important that we continue to turn the page and find what might lie ahead, isn't it? 🙂

  3. I've been wanting to try your perfumes for months now, and Page 47 sounds like it's a perfect starting point! I've loved Ylang Ylang candles, so I have no doubt I'll love this perfume as well!

  4. It would be divine to try 'page 47'. it has all my favorite ingredients! i hope it comes with a special blessing.keep up the amazing work. You're a Goddess!Peleg Top

  5. Roxana~Happy Belated Birthday! I am very curious to experience your new fragrance. It sounds delightful! And the name adds a bit of mysteriousness and wonder to it!

  6. ScentSelf, you have such magnifi-scent way with words! It would be a pleasure to send you a sample of this ambery-floral unguent. Could you please end me along your address so that I don't have to go digging for it? Thank you.

  7. Peleg, my dear soul brother, I can't wait for you to try this in it's solid format. I'll send this off in the morrow. Thank you for referring to me as the Goddess, I've carried that with me all day today. Smooches.

  8. happy birthday roxana!sounds lovely and intriguingi was in a hurry yesterday meant to get back to purchase a sample but too late. maybe i will try the next phase. take care~lisa

  9. Page 47? I am so curious what spell is written on the page 47 of your book of sorcery. Should be one to attract love… as what else you use the mixture of tender, but intoxicating flowers combined with sandalwood? :o) I guess a drop of \”Page 47\” is powerful enough to take you into the world of fantasies for hours…Congratulations with the birth of the new fragrance and (if I believe the comments here)… Happy Birthday!?

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