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Every once in awhile I get in this zone. It’s very enchanting when it happens and I’m not conscious of it until afterward. The other day was a zone day. I was doing some work and research on the computer when I came across the blog of a fellow etsy seller. I am still not sure how I found her. The zone has this “Magical Mystery Tour” element where the Divine is driving the bus. The bus made a stop at an enchanting, beautiful oasis. This was my introduction to the luminous and inspirational Nicole of Lillyella. Have you seen her blog and jewelry? I’m a bit smitten by it all, so pretty. Thus I made a comment on her blog and joined in on a game. I’ve just discovered that I was one of the lucky winners of the handmade gift set by Nicole pictured here. It also means I now create the game here. If you would like to play along here are the guidelines:
1. You have to be crafty and willing to make three handmade gifts
2. You must have a blog that you post to regularly
Here’s how it works:
I will randomly select three people to receive a handmade gift set from me. They then have to post this game on their blog offering a handmade item(s) of their own to three people and so on.
My handmade gift set will include:
Something from the Land of Botanical Fragrance and a yummy baked item…like cookies or biscotti….or perhaps something else along that vein…like Lavender truffles. Feel free to make suggestions. Perhaps the fragrant item will have a relationship to the baked good…like Vanilla
for example.

To enter,
simply leave a comment on this post by end of day next Tuesday (3/03) saying you would like to play. Please include your first name and a link to your blog. I will randomly choose three people and announce them on Wednesday (3/04) . Get your engines ready, this should be fun!


  1. ooooo! This sounds like so much fun!!! I would love to play!My name is My Jeraffi and my blog is:rosepetalsandrainydays.blogspot.com 🙂 (hehehe)

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