Cimbalom Natural Perfume Review and Giveaway

From Cleveland with love, Beth has written a terrific review of Cimbalom weaved in with her special flair for flavor and great story telling. Please find your way over to Perfume Smellin’ Things for a fabulous “Foodie Sunday” edition with an opportunity to win a vial and pink pot of Cimbalom natural and botanical perfume.

I’ll join in with a sample pink pot of Cimbalom solid natural perfume here to one lucky winner. This giveaway opportunity ends at 10pm PST on Wednesday, March 30th

To qualify to win one, please….
Begin by visiting the IlluminatedPerfume shop on Etsy and sharing in your comment what item you most crave. You must include your first name -or- etsy username AND email address with each entry or it will not be included.
For additional entries you can do any or all of the following, please leave a separate comment for each entry.
  • 1 entry per day of the contest: Twitter this message: RT @RoxanaVilla is hosting a giveaway of Cimbalom! Visit for a chance to win
  • 2 entries (total) – Blog about this giveaway, leaving the URL to the post in comments (1 blog per entrant, please)
  • 1 entry: Be or become a follower at RoxanaVilla on Twitter
  • 1 entry: Be or become a fan of IlluminatedPerfume on Facebook
  • 1 entry: Be or become a follower of this journal: IlluminatedPerfume

More fine print, learned along the way
1. If we cannot contact you we will give your prize away to someone else.
2. Depending how many entries are received I determine how the winner shall be chosen. Normally each entry is assigned a card from several decks here at the house, I then shuffle all the cards and have someone handy (like my daughter) choose a card for the winner and a runner up.
4. Please don’t make up any new guidelines, what is outlined above is what we follow.

Good Luck everyone!!


  1. First one! Yes!!!!Awesome scents. I do believe I would enjoy the VERA the best. There's just something about lavender mixes….aimeeq111atyahoodotcom

  2. Wow! I LOVE the pictures used. I think the scent that gets my nose itching to smell it is \”Greenwitch.\” My husband calls me his Elf, so maybe it would fit me. :)Sarahbannercat | &

  3. I am not sure what to pick! I thought it would be easy, but I started going through your shop and then my curiosity lead me to your comments, and your perfumes sound incredible! I love the Romantic Natural Perfume Locket, I feel like I would get a lot of use out of it!AlexandraEtsy ID: lexacdalexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

  4. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you.I would most like to try… Chaparral, which I have been reading about for some time, but the Cimbalom sounds wonderful also!

  5. I'm craving Vespertina. I love sandalwood and frankincense!Thanks for this giveaway!My fist name is Isabel.imgcas at gmail dot net

  6. What do I crave ~ Cimbalom is my favourite so far, I could wear it all day, everyday! :-)Hollyhollyjae (@) gmail dot com

  7. well my favorite is the $295 sampler – they all look lovely. If I had to pick one I would select Aurora.marybethmisaacmom at gmail dot com

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