Artist Feature and Giveaway: Heartworks by Lori

Here we find ourselves, once again, at the Etsy Artist once a month feature. Today I bring you a very special individual who I owe much gratitude to for helping me with my Etsy shop and awareness. She is a friend, a mother and a very creative hardworking gal. I bring you…drum roll please…Lori Patton of Heartworks by Lori.

The picture above is Lori with some of her works of heart during the Comic Con in San Diego, California at Greg’s booth. Almost all those pieces have since sold, however, if there is something your heart desires Lori can create it for you. She has created many custom items for me that I treasure.

Lori is the sister of a dear buddy of Gregs, Brad Weinman. Brad came to Greg one day mentioning that his sister Lori was extremely fond of his artwork and wanted to create jewelry with it. After a few e-mails Lori came over for a meeting here at our little house in the woods and shared with Greg her ideas. Greg then shared his vision. Eventually the master-art-minds melded and Lori’s line titled “Adorning the Muse” was born!

When I saw how beautiful the pieces were I asked Lori to do some of my artwork as well. She most gleefully accepted and soon I too was part of the “Adorning the Muse” collection. Since then, Lori has opened a shop on Etsy which features some of the pieces from this line as well as the work she has collaborated on with other Etsy artists.

Besides her talent as a jewelry artist and business woman Lori is also a mother to three very lively young lads and a wife to a very charismatic and handsome gentleman. Her life is indeed full!!

The best selling item Lori and I have collaborated on is necklaces and lockets which feature the bee logo from my perfume company. (Pictured above) Currently we are working on a new project which I will share with you all shortly. If you are still on the hunt for a beautiful, unique, handmade item for Mother’s Day, than Lori’s work may be the perfect fit.

See Lori’s art jewely shop on Etsy here: www.heartworksbylori and her website here:, find her on twitter here.

Now…time for the interview, let’s get kto now Lori a little better.

1.) What is the one thing you find most inspiring to feed your creative spirit?

The one thing that is most inspiring to me is the beauty of art, whether in illustration form or photography. I love to look at pictures and images that are profound and too deep for words. They invoke and stir up emotions within me that compel me to create. It’s like diving into another world and I love to stay there and play. It transports me out of this reality and into a different one, a more creative one. I dream with my eyes wide open and create in that sphere.

2.) What is your favorite scent from the natural world?

My favorite scent from the natural world would have to be lemon. I have a lemon tree in my backyard and sometimes I just pick one and hold it up to my nose and smell the beauty over and over and over again. I love how it smells even without cutting it open…it exudes freshness.

3.) If you were Queen of a village what would you wish for your kingdom?

If I were Queen of a village, I would wish for everyone to love one another and do that by serving each other. What better example of love is there than to prefer others and meet their needs? Think of how much peace and unity there would be if people wouldn’t be caught up in selfish gratification, but focused on loving their neighbor as thyself…it’s one of the greatest commandments, and as Queen, I would strive to set that example for everyone to follow.

4.) How did you find yourself creating jewelry?

I started creating jewelry back in 1991 when I got tired of seeing such high prices for the jewelry I wanted to buy. I taught myself over the years how to make jewelry through trial and error and I’ve evolved over time. My styles change and grow as I do and I build upon techniques learned and create pieces that I personally love and would wear. I’ve always had a passion to make things with my hands and a little piece of me is infused into each piece I create. It all makes sense now that I look back and realize that there was a reason why I took Wood Shop, Metal and Plastics in school! It all prepared me for this amazing journey.

5) As a work at home mom of three young boys what tips can you give other work at home moms?

Being at home with my boys is such a blessing! In order to run a business from home, I’ve learned the importance of prioritizing my time and schedule. Family comes first, so often times I’m up till after midnight finishing jewelry or packing up orders. I make sure I take care of them and then I have my ‘fun time’ with my business. Make sure you love what you do or else it will be just a duty void of joy. Having a disciplined schedule really helps so you’re not tossed by a flood of unexpected orders or having to run errands last minute or anything else that comes your way. Also, use your business and practices as teaching opportunities for your children. I love to teach them about working hard and earning money for your labor and craft as well as how to take care of customers and other special details of running a business. Kids are smart and they pick up tons of information when they’re exposed to it. I make sure to include them in part of my business, even if it’s something as small as sticking a label on a bubble mailer…they’ll feel special and gain a sense of worth and responsibility, which will be helpful as they grow older and join the workforce one day.

Thank you so much Lori for sharing a bit of yourself with all of us!

The Giveaway!
For the giveaway today Lori has selected an item from her Adorning the Muse collection which features one of my illustrations! The image is based on an illustration I created for the cover of the LA Times Health section. This is how Lori describes the necklace on her website:

“Resistance” is beautiful in shades of brown, blue & green!
This work of art is captured in an oval lace edged bezel and showcased on an exquisitely detailed antique oxidized brass filigree. Strung on a tiny brass rolo chain and secured with a spring ring clasp. Length- 16 inches.
Pendant measures 1 3/4 inches

Here’s how to enter:
Begin by leaving a comment on this post mentioning your favorite item from Lori’s etsy shop. You may only enter once and you must include your first name -and- etsy username or email address with each entry or it will not be included.

For additional entries, you can do the following and post in the comments to let me know:
(2 extra) Twitter this Giveaway and supply your twitter name
(3 extra) Follow my blog (if you already follow, just let me know)
(3 extra) Subscribe to the Heartworks by Lori newsletter on her website (if you already are a subscriber, just let me know)
If you do any of these you must let me know for your additional entries to be included. You got the let me know part right?

The giveaway ends Thursday, May 14th at 1opm PST with the winner announced on Friday, May 15th.

Good Luck!


  1. Hi, I love the \”Simplexity\” necklace, it\’s so serene.Thanks for the

  2. I\’ve twittered about this atmarbelladesigns.twitter.comthanks

  3. Hi Roxana: All of Lori\’s work is beautiful, but my favorites are the Green Bee locket (GBSMR) and the Soar Above the Clouds locket. I subscribed to Lori\’s newsletter, and of course, I follow your blog.Thank you for hosting another fun giveaway and introducing us to a wonderful artist!

  4. Oh, such a lovely feature on Lori!I love her necklaces, they are so beautiful! And Resistance was illustrated by you? Oh so pretty!My favourite from her store would be: Penny farthing for your thoughts- Art Pendant Necklace. It mirrors my faraway thoughts =)Thanks you =)Lynzlyn88(at)gmail(dot)comPsst: I\’m an international reader – hope that\’s okay? *crosses fingers* =)

  5. Butterfly Garden- Art Pendant Necklace is so fab! I so love her things..super special! Fingers crossed:)

  6. i love all the art necklaces. 😀 my favourite is the Windswept- Art Necklace-by John Waterhouse.i also follow your blog.thanks for holding this!

  7. Hi :)I was going to say that the \”Agua- Sterling Silver Art Necklace\” was my favourite but I saw that one: \”Letter M Initial Pendant Necklace with Freshwater Pearl Drop\” :DThanks for the giveaway and hugs from SpainMenimeninheira (at)gmail (DOT) com

  8. I think my favorite would have to be the Clear Glass Charm Locket-Pieces of You Collection.You could do SO many things with it!! O.oTheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com

  9. Wow, thank you everyone who has journeyed here and left comments!The maximum number of entries is nine:1 for your initial comment and eight more for these, which I check on:(2 extra) Twitter this Giveaway and supply your twitter name(3 extra) Follow my blog (if you already follow, just let me know)(3 extra) Subscribe to the Heartworks by Lori newsletter on her website

  10. What a great interview and story about the company. I think that the mixture of all of your talents made some magical jewelry!!All of the Art Pendants are beautiful!! I also fell for the adorable Buried Treasure-Silver Keepsake Treasure Chest Locket Necklace..Love it:)

  11. I like the Simplexity- Art Necklace with Peridot Stone Dangle\”Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and\”

  12. What beautiful jewelry!! I love the giveaway and I\’m also loving the Caged Heart-Brass Filigree Locket Necklace. I\’m always looking for unique lockets – and they\’re hard to find!!jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

  13. Wow, all of the pieces are awesome! My favorite is Agua. It was hard to pick!

  14. What a enjoyable and interesting interview with Lori! I truly enjoyed learning about the wonderful artist behind this amazing jewelry! I had so much fun browsing through all her exquisite jewelry designs after reading the interview, her pieces are so beautiful they kept my wanting to see more and more! I had such a hard time picking one favorite piece because they are all so unique but the Autumn\’s Alchemy- Art Necklace with Peridot Dangle necklace really caught my eye! If you ask me tomorrow, I may pick a different piece though, they are all spectacular! Thanks so much for the chance to

  15. It\’s SO tough to pick a favorite…this beautiful work is just so unique! I really do love the Simplexity – Art Necklace with Peridot Stone Dangle. My Etsy user name is Nelsby.Thanks!Aimeesierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. My favorite is the Dusk-Real Butterfly Wing Keepsake Glass Locket Necklace-Oval.traymona[at]

  17. Thank you to everyone who participated in this special giveaway with the ever so talented Lori Patton. I will gather up all the entries and have my daughter choose one of the slips. The lucky winner shall be announced at some point on Friday. Good luck and good night.

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