An Odoriferous Potion

The last week or so I’ve been craving a “stinky” note in perfume, not only to wear but also to include in formulations. This must be why I love Chaparral so much, it has it. What is the stinky note, called “rank” by perfumistas? Well, for moi it has an element of oud. It’s earthy, musky, wild, indole-ish, sour, and grounding. GreenWitch has a bit of a ranky note, reminds me of kimchi, but that’s note the one I’m after.

Vetiver, patchouli, labdanum, myrrh, spikenard are some of the botanicals with the right characteristics but not quite. As I mentioned oud is closer to it and will be included. Thus, to satisfy my olfactory fervor I’m going to make a “stinky” chord which will be included in various natural botanical perfumes but will also be made into a solid for me.

Now, off to package more orders and begin sniffing of all my aromatics to find the notes for this foul, odoriferous potion.

Image: Botanical illustration of Myrrh on parchment


  1. I take a deep interest in “bad” smells, in every sense of the word.I've been working on a project —to speak the truth: more like the idea of the project, for which I'm still doing some research— involving visual arts, botanical perfumery and litterature (especially poetry from Les Fleurs du Mal).Therefore I'm happy to read your thoughts on the subject!I hope you will share more about this upcoming chord of yours.

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